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How are We?

Up2Ukraine (Innovative Regional Development Foundation NGO) was created in 2016. A team of volunteers who participated in the Revolution of Dignity and helped the Ukrainian army since 2014 later focused on public administration reforms, anti-corruption, and tools for public control of the authority. The beginning of the full-scale invasion turned our main activities to helping Ukraine’s civilians and the Armed Forces resist the Russian attack.

Our Value


Transparency as a concept of openness and accountability is an essential value of our activity, our view on building state institutions and cooperation with partners.


It is not only a value but a train of thought. We believe that the approach to a successful future is shaped by involving everyone in making decisions that take into account the needs of each one


We believe that the best result can be achieved only by joining forces. We are always happy to cooperate.


Where the money goes

Our activities are primarily projects. It allows us to provide our donors with complete information on the use of funds, ensuring transparency and efficiency of the use of funds down to the level of each expenditure.

Information on all spending will be published in reports within each project and the whole organization.

History About Us

In 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, future activists of Up2Ukraine volunteered and helped to restore and strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their resistance to the military aggression of the Russian Federation and the annexation of the territories of Ukraine.


Since 2015, the organization’s founders have joined the projects of reforming and strengthening state institutions on a volunteer basis. The main focus of their activities at that time was improving the efficiency of state and local authorities and strengthening public control through improving access to public information and open data. The result of this cooperation was the founding the Innovative Regional Development Foundation NGO in 2016.


During 2015 – 2019, the organization’s activists took part in the design of the Prozorro electronic procurement system, opening access to the data of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and creating open state and local budgets. Also, we were involved in providing access to information on payments from the state and local budgets in collaboration with the State Treasury Service of Ukraine. In 2017, our organization facilitated and created data access tools for the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.


At this time, we formed the concept of a new approach to managing state and local budgets and proposed tools for reforming the public finance system as a whole, which meets modern requirements for efficiency and public reporting. One of its components is electronic contract management projects.


Since 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations’ activities have been spread to social and humanitarian areas. Among the projects of that time were the collection and provision of material assistance for hospitals (from disposable medical gloves to ventilators) and organizational solutions. In particular, our medical data exchange projects improved the interaction between medical institutions and created a local system of transparent medical procurement for organizations receiving international aid. The result was a transparent cooperation model with better efficiency in obtaining the necessary materials and lower corruption risks.


The beginning of the full-scale military aggression in 2022 forced our activists to join in the people’s evacuation from the territories of military operations, assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine in supplying material resources. Also, we have been creating and handing over a system for monitoring dangerous areas (Nezabudka project) and a system for interacting and exchanging needs info between volunteers and humanitarian organizations.


In March 2022 Up2Ukraine launched a project to help Ukrainian refugees abroad – Kraina.Club (early – Safely.Today). The resource provides the necessary information on relocation, legalization, and integration opportunities in the 47 partner countries that have opened borders and supporting us. In 2022, this project helped more than 100,000 Ukrainians to find housing, work, education, and other opportunities.


In May-August, we created and handed over the Oselya project aimed at helping refugees and internally displaced persons with the search for housing or shelter due to the prompt coordination of the operations of such institutions.


In addition to its main activities, our organization supports humanitarian and social projects, particularly in providing psychological support, education, science, and culture.

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