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Kraina.Club – the platform for info assistance to Ukrainians abroad. Simultaneously spreading information in different ways and ongoing feedback from our people make it helpful and easy for practical use.

According to UNHCR, at the beginning of this year, almost 5 million Ukrainians registered for temporary protection status (or similar national programs) in European countries. Canada has approved about 0.5 million such applications, and the USA – has almost 150 thousand. Most of them passed the mandatory stages of initial legalization but have difficulties in further adaptation due to many stereotypes and fears or a lack of information.

Considering this, our primary goal now is spreading education, science, culture, and business development opportunities for Ukraine citizens in the EU and North America. To do this, we constantly keep in touch with representatives of Ukraine and volunteers, as well as with local companies and institutions. Also, we aim to allow our refugees abroad to exchange experiences and directly communicate with local companies, organizations, and authorities in countries of being. So that project is a convenient platform for such communication too, 

If you are interested in such cooperation or have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us in any convenient way.