Safely.Today – Information assistance for refugees

ClientUkrainian Refugees
SkillsInformation and Support


We have put together the platform to offer help to Ukrainians fleeing overseas to avoid the war or thinking of doing so. Clear and verified information – from first aid points to official guidance provided by host governments. First-hand news, valuable contacts and relevant facts in clear, simple language. And all organised by Country and Category to be as usable as possible.

Our main goal is to give Ukrainians an opportunity to find answers to all urgent matters at one point and make their route to safety as comfortable as possible. At you can find information about transport, accommodation, medical assistance and social benefits, employment options, legal support, integration advice and event announcements.

Our journalists constantly monitor the situation and information needs of citizens abroad. The delivery team every day makes it structural and easy to find. So the catalogue includes only convenient and effective sources in the most intuitive form.

If you have information that may be useful – please send it to us. And if you know someone who’d find information like this useful, please recommend us. We’d also be grateful if you’d share our links: and @safelytoday (at Telegram)